Accepting an Offer


The Price isn’t always right

Do not fall victim to this common misunderstanding.
The initial offer is typically not final, and there are various terms and conditions that may affect the eventual conclusion of a price, thus price is not always the deciding factor when accepting an offer.
You may rely on our experts to assist you in carefully evaluating each proposal without jeopardizing your standing in the industry.

Negotiating The Right Way.

Fairly negotiating contract terms is a moral obligation that we take very seriously.
It is our responsibility to come to a mutually beneficial deal that benefits all parties.
As your agents, we promise a thorough and unbiased evaluation of each offer to assist you make the best decision. You may even have to deal with many offers before accepting the one you feel is most appropriate for you.

The Initial Agreement and Deposit.

An effective agreement is a contract between the seller of the property and a prospective buyer.
State laws differ, but the agreement might need to be given consideration in order to be deemed a legally binding contract.
The closing agent’s escrow account will hold the consideration (the initial and further deposits) until the fulfillment of any conditions or contingencies specified in the effective agreement.

To speed up the procedure even further, keep the following in mind:

Keep everything in writing.

It will be very helpful to write down all verbal agreements, including counter-offers and addenda, so that they can be signed by both parties and for the sake of clarity.
We’ll help you prepare all the legal documents necessary for your sale and make sure you have copies of everything.

Keep a tight schedule

Once you’ve decided on your offer, the buyer and you will be given a timeline to mark each step in finalizing the real estate deal.
The flow of conversations will be more fluid if the requirements are met on time, and each party participating won’t be in violation of their agreements.
We will keep you informed throughout the procedure so that you are always ready for the next step.

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