Close of Escrow


Closing Day

If you have come this far, it is almost time for a congratulations, but not just yet. Do not forget to tie up the following loose ends:

Final Walk-Through Inspection.

The final inspection happens the day before or the day of the closing and is more of a formality than anything else.
The buyer examines the property to ensure that everything is in working order, that nothing has changed since the last time they saw it, and that no additional items have been left behind.

Cancel Home Services and Utilities.

After the closing, we will provide a list of helpful phone numbers for shutting off utilities and house services.

Be Prepared.

Even at this late stage, we stand ready to help you should an unforeseen hiccup arise.
There is no need to be concerned if something malfunctions at the property or if the buyer’s finance is delayed.
We’ve dealt with these issues before, so we know how to solve them quickly and without stress.


A settlement statement that summarizes and describes the financial transactions carried out during the process will be given to all parties involved by the closing agent.
This statement will be signed by the buyer(s), you, and the closing agent, attesting to its accuracy.
Depending on the situation and the notice we receive, adjustments may be made if you are unable to make it to the planned closing.
Either a check will be issued to you at the closing if you are receiving money from the transaction, or you can choose to have the money electronically sent to an account at your financial institution. In order for the buyer to acquire all of the property keys and any other relevant information during the closing, the seller should make arrangements to have these materials there. 

Property Search

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