Prepare to sell


There are many things you can do to improve your property’s appeal and leave a lasting impression on prospective buyers.
What to do in advance:

When putting your property up for sale, bear in mind a few of the following things:

1.Exterior Appeal: Maintaining a spotless landscape and adding artistic elements to your yard, such vibrant annuals, will make a strong impression on onlookers and possible buyers.

2. Repairs to property: Simple improvements like window repairs, doorknob cleaning, and new paint in the most utilized rooms will quickly brighten the property.

3. Organization and staging: Keep your home clean, odor-free, and well-lit from top to bottom.
Pay care to the little things: put the cat litter away, lay a vase of fresh flowers by the door, bake some cinnamon buns, and have your carpets cleaned.
Before the house is put on the market, your agent will inspect it to determine how the staging could be improved.

4. Inspections and Disclosures: We are prepared to assist you in creating a complete disclosure statement that is advantageous to you and the buyer, as well as recommend home repair steps before listing your house for sale. We are highly aware with the legal processes involved in disclosures (such as termite and pest inspections).

5.Showtime: We will handle the task of showcasing your property to potential purchasers for you.
If you are not present, buyers feel more at ease speaking with the realtor about the house.
Additionally, your agent will be aware of the details that will help them best represent your interests to potential purchasers.

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